Issue of technical regulations

Please note!

Pursuant to Paragraph 21 of the transitional provisions of the Construction Law, as of 1 January 2020 administrative construction processes shall be started electronically in the construction information system (BIS).

Construction Information System:

To prepare the construction intent documentation, the construction company or the party commissioning the construction intent should receive LVRTC technical regulations. If the planned construction site is located in the LVRTC EST protection zone or if the project provides for a connection to the LVRTC EST or its crossing, the LVRTC will lay down requirements for the performance of construction works and technical solutions for the protection of electronic communications networks in the technical regulations.

! Do not forget to add the following to the request for technical regulations in BIS:

  1. Information about the construction intent
  2. Visual information about the planned building
  3. Documents confirming ownership
  4. A Power of Attorney for design works (if any)
  5. Technical regulations issued by holders of other engineering communications (if any).

If any information is missing, the technical regulations will not be issued.