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Approval of topographical maps and LD plans

We approve highly detailed topographic maps.

These plans need to be e-mailed electronically (in the dwg or dng format) to , incl. an accurate address of the site and the party that prepared the topographic map.

The file with the reviewed and approved topography signed with an electronic signature will be e-mailed to the applicant’s e-mail address in eDoc format.

Requirements for preparation of highly-detailed topographic maps:

  1. Any topographic maps should be prepared pursuant to the law
  2. The topographical maps must contain an accurate representation of the current LVRTC EST infrastructure
  3. If the party maintaining the data does not have access to data about the current LVRTC infrastructure, at the request of the surveyor and at the pre-agreed time the representatives of LVRTC will arrive to show the location of the LVRTC EST route