is a 100% state owned company that is tasked with ensuring that every person in Latvia is able to quickly and securely receive and transmit information. According to the Electronic Media Law, the shares of the State Joint Stock Company ‘Latvijas Valsts radio un televīzijas centrs’ may not be disposed.

Since its establishment, the company has accumulated and improved its know-how that has helped in introducing radio and television broadcasting systems in Latvia. And during the last decade, it has also helped in developing and strengthening its competences in data transmission, data center, trust services and cyber security areas.  Our specialist knowledge, cool mind, curiosity and creative enthusiasm that have driven our technological development have also supported LVRTC customers and partners.

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  • We are one of the largest providers of data center services in Latvia. We offer an opportunity to deploy hardware in Riga, as well as in the entire territory of Latvia with co-location possibilities every 100 km.
  • We ensure data transmission channels between any addresses of interest to you in the entire of Latvia, as well as between LVRTC data centers.
  • We offer various data connections between Riga and Stockholm.
  • We provide fast and stable Internet services depending on your needs.
  • The service offers the freedom to choose any data transmission technology, network configuration and control for unlimited data transmission network opportunities today and in the future (future-proofing).
    LVRTC owns an extensive top-quality fiber optic network that connects towns and villages of Latvia, as well as Latvia and all of its neighbors.
  • We offer optical wavelength lease services by connecting the largest cities of Latvia with our fiber optic network and the DWDM technology.
  • We offer magistral data transmission services by connecting the largest cities of Latvia with our fiber .
  • We offer space for your equipment on towers, masts and respective buildings or on their roofs or facades, as well as in the cable ducts.
  • LVRTC carries out the approval of topographic maps and LD plans, the issuance of Technical Regulations and the approval of construction intent documentation.
  • Our specialists measure various parameters and perform calculations both to meet the needs of companies and on as needed bases, incl. if requested by customers.
  • LVRTC are the main national operator of the terrestrial broadcasting network for radio and television programs.
    We ensure transmission of digital terrestrial TV programs (free and paid) from the Riga radio and television station (tower) to other broadcasting stations (towers) in Latvia.
  • Radio broadcasting services offered by LVRTC include signal transmission from Riga radio and television station (tower) to other broadcasting stations (towers) in Latvia and distribution of programs through transmitters.
  • Our tower and mast infrastructure is designed for wireless systems. This service is used by all Latvian mobile operators. Our infrastructure is used by customers who need national solutions, as well as high-quality services, security and assembly.
  • The traceability system for tobacco products is an EU monitoring system for the production and distribution of tobacco products that allows to trace each stage of the tobacco life cycle from the manufacturing facility to the retail outlet.
  • eParaksts, which is maintained by LVRTC, is the only high-security electronic identification service in the country. This means that e-Identity verification with all e-Identity tools - mobile application eParaksts mobile, eID card and eSignature card, is comparable to face-to-face verification of a person's identity by presenting an identity document. Legal entities can integrate eParaksts e-Identity and eSignature platforms free of charge.

Type of economic activity, vision, mission, ultimate strategic objective

  • Radio broadcasting, Television programming and broadcasting activities (NACE 60.10, 60.20)

    Data processing, hosting and related activities (e-signature and other certification services) (NACE 63.11)

    Data transmission (NACE 63.11)

    Data centers (NACE 63.11)

    Renting infrastructure (NACE 68.20)

  • A provider of electronic communication services primarily selected by the state and operators to offer new opportunities for the Latvian information society.
  • We develop and maintain an open, reliable and sustainable electronic communications environment to ensure that all residents of Latvia are informed, free and independent in their decision making.
  • Provide and develop information and communication technology infrastructure and services that have a high degree of accessibility, integrity and security, and to strengthen efficient administration of the state and its security, and to promote economic development.


  • State Joint Stock Company
  • Republic of Latvia
  • Ministry of Transport
  • EUR 78,5 million
  • 265 employees
  • The LVRTC owns 187,910.00 (23%) shares in SIA Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (Single Registration No. 50003050931, registered address: Ropažu iela 6, Rīga, LV-1039); the value of each share is EUR 1.00. Latvijas Mobilais Telefons is a company that primarily provides wireless and other telecommunications services.
  • Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association

    Latvian Open Technologies Association

    Latvian Telecommunications Association

    Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Latvian Internet Association

    Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance

    Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association

    The Digital Accelerator of Latvia

    Latvian Ergonomics Society

    Latvian Association for People Management

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