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Time stamp service 

A qualified electronic time stamp associates information (data) with a specific date and time when the data is stamped. The time stamp for the stamped data ensures the reliability of the accuracy of the date and time specified in it and the integrity of its data, the solution is linked to the Universal time coordinated (UCT/GMT) and is recognized at the level of the European Union.

When signing documents with eParaksts tools (eParaksts mobile, eID card, eParaksts card) or sealing documents with an eZīmogs, a time stamp is added automatically, which ensures the content of the document remains unchanged, as well as a specific date and time of signing the document.

Since documents do not always require a signature or a stamp, the time stamp can also be used separately, proving the specific data content at a specific time, for example, to be integrated into various services in document circulation, the financial sector (stamping of transactions), access control systems, the medical sector, cash registers, accounting etc.

We provide:

  • Qualified electronic time stamps
  • Timestamp Validation Service (OCSP)
  • Performance 20,000 timestamps/minute
  • Monthly timestamp usage report
  • High service availability 99.98%
  • Free test environment
  • Customer support

Your Benefits: 

  • Electronic timestamps have legal validity, ensuring the authenticity of digital documents and data. 
  • Electronic timestamps enable automated process management by incorporating timestamps into digital documents or transactions. This can reduce the time and resources associated with manual timestamping and document verification. 
  • Electronic timestamps can guarantee the authenticity and immutability of documents, ensuring that they have not been altered by uniquely identified users or external parties. 
  • Electronic timestamps provide additional security, such as data encryption or the integration of digital signatures, to ensure that documents are protected against unauthorized access and forged data. 
  • Electronic timestamps can be available on various platforms and devices, providing companies with flexibility and mobility to access and manage digital documents and transactions from anywhere at any time.