23 Nov Increased LVRTC Share Capital 25 Jul Changes in LVRTC properties 22 Mar Experts: “A transformation not only in technology but also in mindset is essential in assessing the preconditions for cyber resilience and preventive measures” 03 Aug Over the past two years, the amount of broadband optical network leased to operators has doubled 29 Jul Ilze Opmane-Jēgere elected as a Member of the LVRTC Board for a term of five years 20 Jul Information on the results of competition for the appointment of members to the Board of the Latvia State Radio and Television Center 25 Aug Minister of Transport T. Linkaits in Madona region gets acquainted with the achievements of the broadband project 12 Aug Users of eID and eSignature cards are invited to use the latest version of eSigner 3.0 and organizations to update Java eDoc libraries 04 Aug LVRTC repeatedly receives the Industrial Safety Certificate 09 Jul LVRTC and IMCS UL will cooperate in testing quantum data transmission technologies