On 30 July 2020, Aldis Greitāns, Jānis Leimanis and Normunds Feierbergs were appointed to serve at the Council of the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre. The term of office of the Council is 5 years.

Aldis Greitāns

The Chairman of the Council, responsible for strategy development and implementation and corporate governance. Aldis Greitāns has served as Assistant Professor at RTU Riga Business School, and the Director of Master Programs. Aldis Greitāns has held senior positions in several Latvian banks, for example, he has served as a Board Member of Citadele Banka and the Head of the Process Department, held senior positions at Itella Information, including responsibility for strategic development, process planning and operational supervision. Aldis Greitāns has been in charge of the Latvian subsidiary of Posti Group Corporation information logistics and financial technology company Itella Information and the Baltic region.
Aldis Greitāns has received a Master’s degree in Engineering specializing in automation and robotics from Riga Technical University and a Master’s degree in Business Management from RTU Riga Business School.

Jānis Leimanis

Member of the Council, responsible for financial matters and audits, as well as risk management and internal control systems. Mr. Leimanis has extensive experience in asset management and provision of financial and management services. As an adviser, he has participated in the acquisition and resale of several listed companies to strategic investors, provision of venture capital services and creation of venture capital funds. Jānis Leimanis has held senior positions at several Latvian companies, and has served as a Board Member in such Nasdaq Riga listed companies as AS PATA Saldus, AS Latvijas Balzāms, and AS Liepājas Autobusu parks. J. Leimanis is the Chairman of the Management Board in SIA JL Index, SIA Market Share, SIA Black Stone, and SIA Jēkabpils kokapstrāde.
Jānis Leimanis has been awarded the qualification of an organizing engineer specializing in manufacturing organisation, and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanics from Riga Technical University. He has received the ACCA qualification and is a member of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance.

Normunds Feierbergs

Member of the Council, responsible for electronic communications, telecommunications and information technologies, as well as the management of the company and teams, and involved parties.  Since the November of 2016, Normunds Feierbergs has served as a Board Member at the International Airport Riga, implemented airport electronic communication services, telecommunication and information technology projects by coordinating the implementation of the IT security perimeter strategy, and developing highly available infrastructure. Normunds Feierbergs has been in charge of the Information Technology Board and served as the Vice-President of AS Latvijas Krājbanka, as well as the head of the General Banking Services Board and the First Vice-President of AS UniCredit Bank, and has held other senior positions in various other companies.
Normunds Feierbergs has received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Management from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Latvia.