The Latvian State Radio and Television Centre ensures continuous operation of customer hardware located in its facilities, as well as uninterrupted power supply. Customers receive electricity as LVRTC sub-users.

LVRTC purchases electricity from various suppliers on the market. Thanks to stable power consumption at LVRTC facilities, its suppliers are able to offer LVRTC a lower tariff than to other customers. As we want our customers to be able benefit from the above prices, the LVRTC electricity tariff for customers does not include any surcharges: it is exactly the same as the tariff that the LVRTC pays to buy electricity in the market.

The purchased power is delivered to LVRTC facilities by the network operator AS Sadales tīkls. For this system service, the LVRTC pays the operator a specific fee that is included in the LVRTC power tariff without any additional surcharges. In addition to payments to Sadales tīkls, like all customers the LVRTC pays the mandatory procurement component that applies to the tariff to facilitate the purchase of green electricity pursuant to the law, and the LVRTC also includes this component in customer pricing without any surcharge.

However, the electricity is transmitted from the network operator connection site at the LVRTC facility to the sub-user, i.e. the customer’s hardware, via a transmission network maintained by the LVRTC. The LVRTC makes regular investments in the construction, maintenance, updating and, if needed, designation of this network to ensure stable and continuous power supply to customer hardware in the entire supply chain, including the LVRTC facility. In addition to the regular power tariff the LVRTC charges a fee for the maintenance of its power network. This charge depends on the total monthly power consumption of each customer in all LVRTC facilities.


The LVRTC will calculate the following total power tariff for customers (sub-users) depending on the metered monthly power consumption of the customer at all LVRTC facilities (prices are shown without VAT):

2022Less than 6MWh per monthMore than 6MWh, but less than 60MWh per monthMore than 60MWh per month
Quarter I280.88 EUR/MWh283.88 EUR/MWh288.88 EUR/MWh
Quarter II - april266.44 EUR/MWh269.44 EUR/MWh274.44 EUR/MWh
Quarter II - may, june318.49 EUR/MWh321.49 EUR/MWh326.49 EUR/MWh
Quarter III318.49 EUR/MWh321.49 EUR/MWh326.49 EUR/MWh
2021Less than 6MWh per monthMore than 6MWh, but less than 60MWh per month More than 60MWh per month
Quarter I 127.38 EUR/MWh134.38 EUR/MWh141.38 EUR/MWh
Quarter II124.98 EUR/MWh131.98 EUR/MWh138.98 EUR/MWh
Quarter III146.48 EUR/MWh153.48 EUR/MWh160.48 EUR/MWh
Quarter IV181.78 EUR/MWh188.78 EUR/MWh195.78 EUR/MWh
2020Less than 6MWh per month More than 6MWh, but less than 60MWh per month More than 60MWh per month
Quarter I 133.12 EUR/MWh140.12 EUR/MWh147.12 EUR/MWh
Quarter II124.26 EUR/MWh131.26 EUR/MWh138.26 EUR/MWh
Quarter III133.66 EUR/MWh120.66 EUR/MWh127.66 EUR/MWh
Quarter IV 124.83 EUR/MWh131.83 EUR/MWh138.83 EUR/MWh