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Customer Service Standard

I. Introduction 

  • Mission: To provide and develop information and communication technology infrastructure and services of high availability, integrity and security, strengthening effective public administration and security, and contributing to economic growth.


    Vision: A secure, powerful and inclusive digital Latvia. What used to be impossible is now digital.



    Customer service employees respect company values


    Responsibility / Taking responsibility for what is entrusted to us.

    We are trusted with the functionality, security and sustainability of digital Latvia. This trust is guaranteed by a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and responsible professionals.


    Development / Looking forward with confidence.

    Curiosity, creative fervour and a drive for excellence! We learn from the best and work to make the best learn from us. Every day is a new opportunity to develop yourself, your skills and your knowledge.


    Openness / With an open mind.

    Humans create and manage technology to serve people. Our team is inclusive, each of us is unique, and we are all united by loyalty and a common goal.

  • LVRTC employee:

    – has a positive, solution-oriented attitude towards the customer and the work they do;

    – understands the customer’s needs, finds and offers the best solution for the customer;

    – observes the generally accepted norms of ethics and behaviour in society;

    – provides support only within the scope of their competence;

    – in matters outside their expertise, they recruit staff of appropriate competence;

    – informs the customer of the time needed to prepare the information requested, if it is not possible to reply immediately;

    – in the event of a refusal to provide support or a service, informs the customer, stating the reason and the grounds for the refusal;

    – provides support and services in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations;

    – does not solicit or accept gifts, material gratuities, offers of hospitality or other material benefits in return for their support and services.

    For a successful cooperation, we ask our customers to adhere to the following principles:

    – get acquainted with the information published on the LVRTC service provision websites about the services, their acquisition and usage conditions;

    – familiarise themselves with the requirements laid down in laws and regulations, if necessary;

    – provide only truthful information;

    – treat LVRTC employees with respect;

    – adhere to the generally accepted norms of ethics and behaviour in society;

    – comply with the procedures for face-to-face service by making an appointment, arriving at the appointed time or giving advance notice of lateness or non-appearance.

II. Communication and communication channels 

  • eParaksts customer service line – 67108787. 

    To ensure quality control, all conversations are recorded. 

III. Opening hours and response times 

  • Working hours: 

     – on working days 9.00 to 18.00; 

     – outside working hours, including weekends and public holidays – please use the virtual assistant, call or write to eparaksts.lv; 

     – suspension and cancellation of trust and electronic identification services is available 24 hours a day on the eparaksts.lv portal or by calling the customer service line 67108787. 

  • Customer applications are processed within 1 working day. 

    If the customer sends the application outside working hours, processing starts on the next working day. 

IV. Surveys and feedback

  • LVRTC conducts a customer satisfaction survey at least once a year, inviting everyone to rate their satisfaction with the services and service provided. 

  • LVRTC classifies customer complaints and feedback as follows:

    – Suggestion;

    – Praise;

    – Complaint about the service;

    – Complaint about customer service.