eSeal ensures the integrity of the data contained within it (ownership by the organization), while simultaneously recording the precise time of sealing.

We provide:

  • Advanced and qualified electronic seal certificates that comply with the eIDAS regulation
  • User support
  • A testing environment
  • Solution documentation

Your benefits:

  • Reducing the risks associated with the circulation of sensitive data and documents by assigning them the company's identity verification, thus avoiding data forgery and employee errors.
  • The electronic seal protects the content of documents such as invoices, financial transactions, outgoing correspondence, system data, internal documentation, employee personnel files, and other documents with a precise, fixed sealing time. Sealed documents can no longer be unobtrusively edited or forged.
  • The electronic seal supports companies in their digitalization processes by reducing administrative burdens and risks that arise from sealing documents in paper format or signing with an employee's signature.
  • Electronically sealed documents have indisputable legal validity and can be used in litigation and other processes.
  • It is possible to automate company processes while ensuring security.
  • Sealed documents can be verified on the portal, in the program eParakstītājs 3.0, or in any system that integrates such functionality, allowing both clients and employees to confirm the origin and validity of the data.

Types of eSeal:

  • eSeal: Solution intended for placement in the client’s device. This service must be integrated into your system or service delivery location, suitable for process automation.
  • eSeal+: Available on a smart card that can be used in the program eParakstītājs 3.0 or in third-party integrated solutions, such as document management systems with built-in functionality for electronically signing documents with a smart card.\
  • eSeal+ cloud: A modern solution that allows the management of eSeal with qualified eParaksts tools – the eParaksts mobile application or eID card. Up to 100 documents can be sealed at a time.