ServicesRadio broadcasting

Radio broadcasting

The LVRTC offers the following radio broadcasting services:

  • Signal transmission from Riga radio and television station (tower) to other broadcasting stations (towers) in Latvia
  • Program distribution via transmitters


  • We are the only radio transmission service provider with infrastructure that allows to ensure signal availability in 99% of Latvia
  • Monitoring of service delivery 24/7
  • Prompt troubleshooting
  • Uninterrupted hardware operation during power outages
  • We use only highly qualified personnel for design, planning, installation, assembly and service works

Public radio broadcasting map:

PLEASE NOTE. Broadcasting area maps are prepared on the basis of measurements made by the experts of the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre, but only for transmitters located at the center facilities. As a result, these maps shall not be considered an accurate representation of coverage areas of specific programs.