Quality management

The LVRTC implements the basic principles defined in the Corporate governance policy based on the following business values:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Simplification of processes and functions
  • Achieving profitability
  • Compliance with the principles of good corporate governance.

Management of LVRTC processes according to the best industry practices, and business and market requirements ensures the following:

  • Development, creation and changes in processes that are aligned with the company business model
  • Efficient planning of processes and their activities
  • Operation depending on business goals and development tasks
  • Process analysis and remedying deficiencies.

The LVRTC has defined the following process management objectives:

  • Organize operations to enable the user (customer) of services provided by the company to receive the respective products and services without any interruptions, to receive invoices for the used services in due time, as well as to receive assistance in using the services and solving any problems related to the use of such services
  • Ensure efficient use of company resources depending on its business goals, as well as a clear mechanism for operating, controlling and developing the business.

The following process management tools are used to ensure achievement of process management goals:

  • Corporate governance policy
  • Corporate process map and process managers
  • Descriptions of processes and their operational measurements
  • Process objectives
  • Ensuring process cooperation and operational control
  • Internal and external audits, regular evaluation of LVRTC performance by independent third parties.