Lease of middle mile optical network resource

LVRTC middle mile network infrastructure was build under the auspices of the European Union financed project “Improving the Accessibility of Electronic Communications Infrastructure in Rural Areas” during the period from 2012 to 2021.

Leasing a middle mile of optical network resources is a wholesale service. It entails leading an optical fiber (pair) connection between two connection points of your choice.


  • One of the connection points (ends) of the leased stage must be located in the white territory.
  • To receive the service you must be a registered electronic communications business.

Installation charge

Connection CP, ONDP, MCPPrice EUR (not incl. VAT)
Connection CP, ONDP, MCP150 EUR
Installation charge (welding)166 EUR

*MCP – Main Connection Point, ODF – Optical Distribution Frame), ONDP – Optical Network Distribution Point

Connection to cable gridPrice EUR (not incl. VAT)
Installation charge (in a cable well, forming a new sleeve)326 EUR
Installation charge (building a new well and sleeve)596 EUR
Installation charge (building a new well and sleeve)1151 EUR
Subscription charge | Optical strand pair stage leasingPrice EUR (not incl. VAT)
Stage leasing up to the threshold12 EUR/km/month
Stage leasing over threshold*21 600 EUR/km/month
DiscountsSupported area discount 30%
 *monthly rental fee for all km leased by one electronic communications operator if the total volume is above 1800 km

Additional services: