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On November 17th, the French flag tops the European Union's tallest TV tower


In commemoration of the tragic events in Paris and in solidarity with the people of France, the French flag was raised on the Zakusala TV tower in Riga on November 17th, while on the following day – the Latvian flag will be raised.


Physical construction of the broadband internet optical network has been completed


Physical construction of the broadband internet optical network under the auspices of stage one of the ERDF co-financed project “Development of next generation electronic communications networks in rural areas” has been completed.


Construction of the arterial optical network's West ring complete

State Joint-Stock Company "Latvia State Radio and Television Centre" (herein – LVRTC) has completed construction of the arterial optical network's West ring in April of this year. The West ring connects a series of LVRTC infrastructural objects - towers and masts, including, the most significant data flow exchange point in the Baltic countries – the Riga Radio and Television Station in Zakusala. The newly constructed West ring is part of the arterial optical network. Continuing work on the construction of the arterial optical network that was begun in 2013, construction of the East ring is also nearing completion. The East ring will connect LVRTC towers and masts in the direction East of Riga.


Latvia is becoming heftier in the industry of data transit

The telecommunications company LVRTC launched an optical cable section RigaValga which closed final link of the Baltic ring on the RETN international network.


LVRTC participated in a major conference in Moscow

Last week, JSC "Latvian State Radio and Television Centre" took part in international conference in Moscow, where together with the Lithuanian and Polish partners – Skaidula and Hawe Telekom – presented a new optical transport routes from Russia to Europe – through the Baltic States.

Russia's largest International Conference "Transport & Carrier Cloud Networks Russia'2014" (Transnet) in Moscow brought together key industry leaders for the fifth time.



Almost 650,000 Residents Can Receive Virtual eParasksts Without Visiting Customer Service Centre


As of the 1st of August, 641,649 residential customers of SEB Ibanka can apply and receive the virtual eParaksts without having to visit a Customer Service Centre, reports SJSC Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC). In order to receive eParaksts online, SEB Ibanka customers may log in to the web portal, using their internet banking access details, fill out an application form and purchase a single or multiple time eParaksts as required. Those SEB Ibanka customers who will start to use the virtual eParaksts this way and obtain at least a single-instance eParaksts between the 1st of August and the 18th of September are entitled to receive an extra 10 signature times free of charge.


Eight eParaksts Customer Service Centres Launched


Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC) announced today that residents in the towns of Aizkraukle, Valka, Saldus, Sigulda, Talsi, Rēzekne, Ludza and Liepāja are now able to take advantage of the safe virtual eParaksts by applying for it in their respective municipal libraries. The librarians there have been trained to file and confirm customer applications submitted through the web portal. The recent addition also means that there are currently 58 eParaksts Customer Service Centres operating in Latvia.